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About KISA

President Greetings

We will lead the way for making the era of the 4th industrial revolution that is convenient and safe.

President Greetings

Hello, I am the president of Korea Internet & Security Agency, Kim Seok-hwan

Thank you for visiting the website of Korea Internet & Security Agency.

The 4th Industrial Revolution foreshadows a radical change in a degree that is difficult
to compare with before in its pace of progress and the ripple effect.
As ICT technology is converging and being integrated across all industries,
innovation that is destroying the existing framework is in progress.

Cyber threats are spreading to various platforms such as IoT and mobile,
and attack techniques are becoming more and more intelligent.

Korea Internet & Security Agency will strengthen the competitiveness of Internet
and information security industry by developing and spreading intelligent
and convergence security technologies as the leading institution
of the 4th industrial revolution, leading this trend of change in the times.

We will also work hard for the safety of the country and the citizens in cyberspace.
We will fulfill our roles and responsibilities to create the world's
highest level of information protection system so that we can secure a sustainable
growth engine of the future through creation of a safe industrial environment.

I would appreciate your interest in Korea Internet & Security Agency,
so we can contribute to national growth and safety of the citizens
through the 4th industrial revolution.
Thank you.