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About KISA

President Greetings

KISA will be at the forefront to bring about a new era of the Internet.

President Greetings

Welcome to the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) website.

The 4G Internet ecosystem, represented by the ICBM (IoT, Cloud, Big data, Mobile)
will face remarkable changes. An era of the Internet with new opportunities and changes
will soon arrive upon us as the virtual and the real world have no boundaries anymore,
and the Internet conflicts and security tactics are continuously evolving.

KISA will take the lead in the future Internet issues by looking into such changes
of our times a step ahead than others, and creating a virtuous cycle of the
Internet industrial ecosystem as well as laying the foundation for safer information
security. By doing so, we will continue to strive for excellence as an international
facilitator to take a leap forward to the future of the Internet.

I ask for your kind attention and interests toward KISA to fulfill our given
missions and promote national happiness and
economic development. Thank you.