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Title 2015 Survey on Internet Issues Summary
Date 2016-03-03 Hit 5875



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 다운로드2015 Survey on Internet Issues Summary Report.pdf ( 23,332k )



Ⅰ. Introduction

Ⅱ. Key Survey Results
1. New Internet Technology and Service
1) Internet of Things(IoT)
2) Smart Home
3) Connected Car
4) Smart Medicine·Health Care
5) Wearable Device
6) Smart City
7) Drone
8) 3D Printer
9) Artificial Intelligence(AI)
2. Future Internet Society
1) Interest of Future Internet Society
2) Perception on Future Internet Society
3) The Advent of Future Internet Society
4) Requirements for Future Internet Society
5) The Influence of Internet Technology on Future Life Style
6) The Impact of Current Social Issues on Future Internet Society
3. Social Phenomena(MERS Outbreak) and Internet
1) Acquisition Channels of MERS Information
2) Delivery Methods of MERS Information
3) Changes in Online/Offline Activities During MERS Outbreak Period



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