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About KISA



  • 2009.07Launching the Korea Internet & Security Agency by integrating KISA, NIDA, and KIICA
  • 2009.08Opening of the Personal Identification Clean Center
  • 2009.11Opening of the Privacy Incident Response System (PIRST)
  • 2010.01Opening of the 118 Center for Cyber Difficulties
  • 2010.02Establishing the KISARANG Daycare Center
  • 2010.03Opening of the KISA Academy
  • 2010.12Opening of the Korea Computer Emergency Response
    Team Coordination Center (KrCERT)
  • 2011.05Launching Internet address service in Korean
    known as “.한글”, “.한국”
  • 2011.10Opening of the Privacy Protection &
    Technology Assistance Center
  • 2012.05Opening of the Personal Identification Clean Center
  • 2013.01Opening of the Phishing Response Center
  • 2014.01Opening of the ICANN Seoul Office
  • 2014.05Opening of the IoT Innovation Center
  • 2014.07Opening of the Incheon Information Security Service Center
  • 2014.09Inauguration of the 4th President, Kee Seung Baik
  • 2014.12Opening of the Daegu Information Security Service Center
  • 2015.03Receiving a grand award from “Korea Female Talent Management Award”, integrating the working place, and announcing a new CI
  • 2015.05Constructing a new building (on going) in Naju Innovation City
  • 2016.07Launching of the Cybersecurity Alliance for Mutual Progress (CAMP)
  • 2016.09Launching of the Deindentification Support Center, KISA’s contribution to the development of the world wide web recognized by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
  • 2017.07Opening of office in Naju Innovation City
  • 2017.11Inauguration of the 5th President, Kim Seok-hwan
  • 2017.11Launching of the Pangyo Information Security Cluster
  • 2018.09Launching of the Regional Information Security Support Center(Ulsan)
  • 2018.11Host (Hack the KISA) competition
  • 2018.12Launching of the Cyber Security Big Data Center
  • 2019.02Launching of the data utilization technical support center
  • 2019.09Launching of the Busan Blockchain Regulation Free Special Zone Support Division
  • 2019.09Launching of the Regional Information Security Support Center(Gangwon)
  • 2020.02Launching of the 1th in-company venture
    (Security AI+ team)
  • 2020.04Relocation of the KRNIC Resource Center in Naju
  • 2020.12Launching of the convergence security living lab for Autonomous car, digital health care, smart factory, realistic contents
  • 2021.01Inauguration of the 6th President, Lee won-tae