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About KISA

President Greetings

"We will lead safe and credible digital future society."

President Greetings

I am the president of Korea Internet & Security Agency, Lee won-tae.

The world is a state of never experienced turning point of new paradigm
because of the accelerating the 4th industrial revolution and digital transformation.

Digital changes are being made on digital era's core element combined
with Data · Network · AI in economy and cultures of our life's every department.

We're facing tasks of ICT convergence and advanced cyber threatening facts in diverse changes
and concerning balance point between personal information protection and use.

KISA will concentrate on success of the 4th industrial revolution
and digital innovation as a specialized Internet and Security organization.

KISA will make an effort to expand cyber safety net
and create a data activation foundation and take the lead for building the infrastructure
and innovative services based on new technology(Blockchain · 5G · etc)
on every aspect of the society.

Futuremore, we will support that national best technology
and manpower can lead the world throughout focusing on ICT · information
protection industry and development of human resource.

KISA would love to join the people with credible
and convenient digital society.

Thank you.