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Global Project (GCCD)


Without a doubt, cyber threats are evolving and increasing at a rapid pace. An increased number of cybercrimes are happening around us in a more sophisticated manner. In this regard, capacity building activities for cybersecurity, and collective responses to illegal activities are urgent challenges of cybersecurity that need to be addressed.

The Global Cybersecurity Center for Development (GCCD), established in 2015, aims to share practical knowledge and support capacity building in the field of cybersecurity. In an effort to bring cooperation and knowledge sharing to a global level, the GCCD delivers a series of programs mainly for policymakers and experts in the public sector of developing countries. The GCCD programs will cover diverse issues from policy establishment to technical skills on Internet incident responses. The GCCD welcomes and encourages everyone to join us as our partners, and our partnerships are highly expected to mutually benefit from the shared expertise and information.

For more information, please refer to the recent GCCD brochure.
Click here 2020 GCCD Brochure

GCCD Faculty

The GCCD Faculty is composed of experts from their respective fields such as cybersecurity policy and technology. They provide valuable suggestions and do their best to provide every bit of knowledge during the GCCD programs.


The GCCD, A Leader in Global Cybersecurity A cross-shaped boomerang symbolizes the GCCD, representing its vision as a cooperative organization providing help regarding global cybersecurity with different countries, and its leading role as an international organization in cybersecurity. The letter G comes in green shows commitment of the GCCD to put efforts into global cybersecurity in a secured manner.

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Global Cybersecurity Center for Development

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