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Title [Info Sharing] Guidance for Responding hacking e-mails
Date 2019-08-01 Hit 831

Guidance for Responding hacking e-mails


[Simple but Reliable e-mail security]



1. Types of e-mail Hacking
   - Hacker obtains the victim’s e-mail address from the Internet, Business card and SNS.
   - Hacker distributes malicious e-mail in the name of government or as your friends and co-workers.


2. How to identify Malicious e-mails
   - Please check sender’s e-mail address once more.
   - Do not be curious about the e-mail received from the unknown sender.
   - Do not open the e-mail you are not informed.
   - Never open suspicious attachments.
   - ‘Wanna Click?’ Do not click suspicious ___link___ or URL.


3. Cautions when Receiving e-mails
   - Installing and updating anti-virus software.
   - Strengthening log-in security.
   - Do not open suspicious e-mails
   - Do not give out your password.
   - Be careful on opening attachments.
   - Check the log-in history frequently.


4. Cautions when Sending e-mails 
   - Informing e-mail sending
   - Pre/Post-Notification via a text or a call to receiver. 
   - Set a password that is hard to guess and maximum attempt to type login credential. 



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