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Main Activities

Internet Promotion

Sustainable Internet Environment

KISA promotes application of IPv6, future Internet, and revitalization of wireless Internet for secure Internet environment.

Also, diverse IP addresses are in place to be used as the newly developed IPv6 addresses have been expanded from 32bits to 128bits. KISA prepares itself for a future of the Internet by distributing an increasing number of IPv6 addresses and overcoming barriers of the current Internet structure. Likewise, we promote information security, transmission quality, mobility for future Internet businesses, and a wireless Internet for users to access diverse information in their hands.

National Domain Activation

Korea uses “.kr” to both represent the nation itself and its widely-recognized Internet.

“.kr” is a national domain that represents the word “Korea.” Users may type both in English and Korean on a web browser window to go to a website they desire just like “” or “http://한국인터넷진흥원.한국.” KISA actively takes a part in research and policy development related to national domains, hosts as well as participates in annual meetings of the ICANN and international policy development process. In addition, KISA strives to strengthen competitive edge of the national domains by providing high-quality customer services.

Reliable Internet World

KISA has a vision of nurturing a safe and reliable Internet culture with Koreans.

KISA is committed to establish a network foundation for Internet users and Internet companies by improving competitiveness of Internet services and reliability of Internet information and knowledge. It's true that many social problems such as spreading of false information and malicious comments on the Internet were created. To address these problems, KISA communicates with Koreans to restore broken trust and create a reliable Internet world.

Startup Incubation and Support

KISA supports startups to commercialize their business models and enhance competitive edge in the field of security technology through programs that aims to nurture startups in the IoT, security and Fintech industry. We have also established the ONE-STOP service to support startups to gain ground not only in the domestic market but also the global market to expand their business models.

Future Internet Industry Support and Environment Creation

KISA supports fostering new industries and services to explore blue oceans in the area of Internet promotion and information security through the Korea National Biometric Test Center. In addition, we are also putting efforts into various activities including developing mobile applications, establishing regional information security offices, operating the IoT Innovation Center, forging global partnerships in the IoT area, and establishing a technical and security support center for Fintech.