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Main Activities

Internet Security

Safe Internet Environment

KISA guarantees safety of Koreans to create a comfortable user-centered environment by detecting and preventing Internet threats in advance.

Computer users connected to the high-speed Internet are not aware of the fact that they are potential targets of cyber threats happening every minute. Against this backdrop, KISA runs a 118 Center for Cyber Difficulties for users to report and seek help including DDoS (Distribute Denial of Service) attack. By doing so, we will continue to work hard to create a safe Internet culture by preventing cyberattacks and minimizing damage.

Personal Information Protection

Protecting Koreans from personal information leakage, exposure and abuse is one of our given duties. Illegal leakage and exposure of personal information can fall in the wrong hands for identity theft, voice phishing and illegal SPAM causing mental and financial damages. KISA strives its best to protect citizens to fully live their lives with assurance of safety from personal information infringement by providing i-PIN (Internet Personal Identification Number) and setting personal information security standards as preventative measures. Any leaked personal information on the Internet will be deleted as quickly as possible. In addition, a 118 Center for Cyber Difficulties is operated as a post-incident measurement to report personal information infringement and illegal SPAM. (Dial 118 without an area code.)

Internet and Information Security Related Policy Research

KISA establishes guiding policies to a safe Internet environment and Internet infrastructure. We develop policies to advance and improve Internet security by envisioning future of the Internet and analyzing potential threats. In addition, we are devoted to reorganize related legislations to improve Internet culture and train professionals who can be a great help to lift overall competency of national information protection.

Critical Information Communications Infrastructure Protection

We strive to protect Critical Information Communications Infrastructure from cyber threats such as hacking for citizens to enjoy a more comfortable and safe Internet world. KISA is devoted to maintain safe operations by analyzing and evaluating weaknesses of infrastructure, supporting establishment of security measures, and providing necessary technologies. Furthermore, we operate certification systems like the Information Security Management System (ISMS) for information communications service providers such as ISP, IDC, and online shopping malls.

Electronic Government Service Security Improvement

We strengthen security and reliability of information systems to create a safe electronic government service environment.

KISA created a system that detects and removes vulnerable sources during development and testing phases to minimize security flaws of an information system used by electronic government services. Furthermore, our protection system has expanded to protect even public services, and we established a response system on hacking.

Cyber-Attack Prevention and Countermeasure Enhancement

We provide diverse types of public information security services such as DDoS Shelter Service and web security services that monitor and analyze major cyber threats including DDoS attacks and distribution of malicious codes on a 24/7 basis. These services aim to effectively prevent and respond to Internet security incidents in the private sector