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Title Research on Reinforcement of IoT Service Responsibility
Date 2015-11-01 Hit 3223
Attachments 151101_Research on Reinforcement of IoT Service Responsibility.hwp






1. Title


Research on Reinforcement of IoT Service Responsibility


2. Purpose of the study


Worldwide, the IoT industry is still in the early stage. Although South Korea has established a world-class network foundation thanks to early investment in the technology, it still needs to prepare a framework for relevant laws and regulations in order to activate IoT services. Therefore, this study aims to examine issues of IoT related to legal liabilities according to types of infringement, and establish criteria on determining legal liabilities related to IoT devices.


3. Contents and scope


 o Review of issues related to infringement liabilities according to personnel in charge of IoT

- To review existing individual laws, regarding promotion and regulation of IoT, and provide a legal framework to promote IoT

o Review of legal liabilities according to types of accident

- To investigate legal liabilities according to the types of accident: accident caused by external factors (information leak), that caused by internal factors (machine malfunction), and that caused by leak of positional information

o Preparation of measures for reinforcing IoT product and service responsibility

- To establish criteria on mitigating overall existing regulations related to installation and operation

- To review selection of an operator who bears at least administrative, if not civil or criminal, liabilities


4. Results of the study


This study looked into gravity of relevant issues and the broad scope of research and effort that is required to solve them. The result was as follows:


First, this study reviewed IoT-related infringement cases in South Korea and elsewhere and also cases in fields that present possibilities of infringement in the future.

Second, Korean and foreign laws related to IoT were reviewed and compared.


Lastly, the study proposed legal security measures to reinforce security according to different types of IoT users.


5. Expected effects and applications


Findings in this study can be used for establishing policy related to regulation of IoT. The analysis of risks related to IoT information security, which is essential in future economic development of South Korea, and study of overseas cases can be taken into account when making relevant policies.


The findings in this study can help increase efficiency of the government budget by selecting and focusing on more important fields and projects, and improve service reliability by reinforcing legal liabilities in the IoT field.

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