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Title ITU-T International Telebiometrics Standardization for Fin-Tech Technology
Date 2016-01-31 Hit 5536
Attachments 160131_ITU-T International Telebiometrics Standardization for Fin-Tech Technology.hwp



1. Title


ITU-T International Telebiometrics Standardization for Fin-Tech Technology



2. Purpose of the study


The use of biometric technology world in the financial sector $ 900 million in 2012 and then it is expected to reach $ 1.8 billion in 2015. This is expected to continue to increase to a value corresponding to 12% of the financial 70 billion. The introduction of biometrics in smart phones is also one of the causes of the increase in demand, but the Asian financial markets in developing countries, including the introduction of biometrics is expected to continue such work. Adoption of biometrics in various areas is active in Asia, on the other hand, North America stands a very careful look. In particular, India and other nations having biometric recognition program as government-led processes and biometric based payment make noticeable growth. On the other hand, the legal limits and privacy concerns are relatively large in American etc. A mobile payment platform, Apple Pays (Apple Pay) or FIDO (Fast IDentity Online), such as biometric authentication result introduced in the direction of financial markets to perform a payment with getting this done. A major supplier of Apple's pay, BOA (Bank of America) said it has begun to use its 80 million customers of Apple's pay.

In this study, the Internet specialized bank, to study ways to apply the telebiometrics in a non face-to-face authentication methods required by the Fin-Tech sector as at mobile payment, smart phones and mobile devices from fingerprint or face, such as the biometric information management and protection technologies for secure transmission to a study carried out for ITU-T SG17 Q.9 in the ongoing standardization "A guideline to technical and operational countermeasures for telebiometric applications using mobile devices" to reflect that, and the TTA PG505 by domestic standards (Technical report) aims to establish on "non-face-to-face authentication method to be applied to Fin-Tech".


3. Contents and scope of the study


This study provides a ITU-T International Telebiometrics Standardization for Fin-Tech Technology. Within the scope of this study, the following topics are addressed:


Specialized Internet banking, mobile payment, such as Fin-Tech biometric authentication means technical measures applicable to non-face-to-face research

- "Non-face-to-face authentication method to be applied to Fin-Tech" technical report, to be proposed to TTA PG505 development


Analysis of the international standards for protecting smartphones, such as tele-biometrics for secure management and transmission of fingerprint, face, such as biometric information and hardware store on a mobile device method

- “ISO/IEC 17922|ITU-T X.1085(X.bhsm) "Authentication framework using biometric hardware security module” Standard

- ITU-T X.tam "A guideline to technical and operational countermeasures for telebiometric applications using mobile devices” Standard


Related International Standardization Trend Analysis

- ITU-T SG17 Q9 (tele-biometrics), International Organization for Standardization in-depth analysis Status


4. Study results


- 2 draft of recommendation concerning the International Standardization

- 1 Domestic standardization (Technical Report)

- Final report


5. Suggestion for usage


- E-commerce, the individual authorization, or using a smart phone in the banking certificate to be used independently of or in conjunction with techniques applicable to personal certification

- BHSM used in the form of biometric information without infringing on the privacy of individuals, such as financial transactions in conjunction with PKI authentication can be applied to individuals



6. Expected effects


Privacy-friendly telebiometric authentication techniques


Secure use of personal biometric information in the mobile device based the telebiometric authentication can be widely used in e-commerce and Internet banking services.

Mobile biometric corresponds to international standards


Biometric mobile application service standards have been made in a variety of way on ITU-T SG17, ISO / IEC JTC1 SC27 and SC37. The results of this study will be used to be reflected in the related international standards.

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