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Title Technical and Managerial Study of Personal Information Protection on Smart Grid Service
Date 2015-12-15 Hit 5701
Attachments 151215_Technical and Managerial Study of Personal Information Protection on Smart Grid Service.hwp






1. Title


Technical and Managerial Study of Personal Information Protection on Smart Grid Service


2. Purpose of the study


After the announcement of the Smart Grid Construction Plan, the Korean government has presented the ‘National Smart Grid Roadmap’starting with the Jeju Island Smart Grid Test-Bed. Unlike the preexisting energy grid, the smart grid environment can communicate bidirectionally between electricity providers and consumers. This leads to privacy and security concerns due to several industries combining into a large scale business. Smart grid environments require additional security considerations especially since this specific environment handles personal information. Thus, the purpose of this project is to provide a technical and policy plan for the protection of personal information against threats to the smart grid environment.



3. Contents and scope


To prepare for this study, we have performed a survey of smart grid security technology and standards analyses. We analysed how the smart grid environment has been structured in South Korea, which security technologies and standards have been used, and the trends internationally. In order to analyse the scenario, we researched and applied service models(Advanced Metering Infrastructure, electrical car charge infrastructure, distribution energy resource, demand react), composition, technology, standards, use cases, and pros and cons. Based on the result of the scenario analysis, we defined the personal information used for smart grid environment, and drew the conclusion of threat cases which could occur in the smart grid environment such as leakage of personal information or privacy violation. We defined the requirements about possible attacks from the conclusion of threat analysis methodology, and arranged technical, managerial, and physical ways based on the requirements. Finally, we created the checklist to be used for the policy for the personal information protection in the smart grid environment.


4. Results of the study


It is not enough to protect personal information in smart grid environment to simply implement any given security solution or ad hoc improvements of relevant equipment. A comprehensive solution is needed for effective in the smart grid environment. On the managerial side, it is necessary to enhance security awareness of all stakeholders. Effective personal information protection policy requires continuous effort and personal information management because collected sensitive personal information from smart grid environment can be abused for marketing or advertisements. On the technical side, the required technologies are enhanced encryption algorithm with meter built in consumer side, display devices, algorithm which consolidated with secure standardization between equipments communication with smart devices,

and authentication technology. Also each service provider have to keep working on network separation for personal information data protection. The consumers who use the smart grid service have to receive the information of their personal information usage and should be provided the ways to manage and monitor their personal information themselves.


5. Expected effects and applications


Either smart grid service consumers or businesses for producing and managing of equipments will be able to use the checklist developed in this research project as verification of personal information protection in both new construction of smart grid and previous smart grid service. Both smart grid service providers and businesses produce and manage equipment can utilize the checklist to strengthen the security of personal information used in their services. In addition, it can increase the awareness about personal information protection using this checklist.

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